T-2191-04: Exhibit "C"

To Derald & Tom or To Whom It May Concern:

I think I got my first permit book in 1966 and had each year except for last year I did not grow any board grain. Last year I grew peas, flax, canary, barley and oats.

About the 9th of Nov. I had not received my ballot for District 08. My neighbour Roland Delaney had his some days before. I called the CWB to ask about my ballot. The CWB game me the number for Meyers Norris Penny to talk to Gwen. I explained that I had only applied for this years permit book in Oct. around about the 12th. She said I should have a ballot and would get it out ASAP.

On the 16th of Nov. Gwen called to say she needed a declaration signed ahead of a commissioner and we must do this and return it to her not later than the 19th of Nov. or she said by law she could not give me a ballot. We went to the local credit union and did this declaration the same day and faxed it back to Gwen then phoned her to make sure she had the declaration in her hand and all was well.

My ballot arrived by mail on the 23rd of Nov. We marked our ballot and mailed in the same day. We also made a copy of the ballot before sending.


Robert J. Shaw

Marked as Exhibit "C" to the Affidavit of Tom Jackson, Notarized by Michael E. Borth and signed by Robert J. Shaw.