T-2191-04: Exhibit "A"

From: Donna_Inkster@cwb.ca
11/09/2004 11:58 AM

To: Gwen.Ginter@mnp.ca
cc: Deborah_Harri@cwb.ca
Subject: Re: Questions

These three permit applications were completed November 3 and November 4. They are now active in our records.


From: Gwen.Ginter@mnp.ca
11-09-2004 11:53 AM

To: Donna Inkster/WPG/CWB@CWB
cc: Jaime Burbank/WPG/CWB@CWB
Subject: Questions

I have a three permit books that don't appear in our listing


Can you determine if they were just late filing them? Are they current now?

Let me know

Gwen Ginter
Meyers Norris Penny
(204) 727-0661 Ext 319


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This is Exhibit "A" referred to in the affidavit of Gwen Ginter sworn before me on this 17th day of December A.D. 2004.
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